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A Sharing of ED&I Resources for the Curious

Hello I am Sue Liburd

Welcome to my Curium, a resource for the ED&I curious.

I specialise in human capital innovation - inspiring different leadership thinking and behaviours to navigate organisational innovation, change & transformation. I am driven by a belief that when leaders know better they do better. When business plays an active leadership role in building a better world, communities thrive, societal problems are solved and businesses grow. 


For innovation to take place there is a need for collaboration, diversity of thought and different points of view. Success is never a solo journey. This is where my work intersects with the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) agenda. Bias, Groupthink, Inclusion and Exclusion, Under representation, Racism, Sexism do not create environments where agile creative problem solving and innovation can thrive.


I'm regularly asked if I can signpost people to the equality, diversity and inclusion content that influences my thinking. I decided to put into a public place a curation of talks, books and papers that influence my thought and which I reference when asked to speak on the topics of diversity, gender, race and ethnicity under-representation in the workplace.

This curation changes with time. It is biased towards my intersections of gender and race.

For more information about me:

Sue Liburd MBE DL

Managing Director, Sage Blue


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